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4ColorDesign provides complete printing solutions.

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4ColorDesign   offers a wide range of business printing services.

Do you need full color flyers or brochures to promote your business?

Maybe you would like to bestow your business a more specialized look with custom designed business cards, letterhead, envelopes and folders?

You may need full color posters and banners for trade shows?

Do you have the need for a custom printed solution or ideas?

Whether you are a small home based business or a large corporation, 4ColorDesign can provide you the printing materials to fit your advertising and office needs. No job is too small or too big for us. We understand your business goals and deploy the right team to design and develop your means of communication.

Screen Printing

Silk Screen Printing is the most common & high quality method for printing on the surface of CD & DVD discs. The discs are spindle wrapped.

4 color process CMYK matches included.

Custom Color Matches are additional.

CD Film Specification Silkscreen Film

DVD Film Specification Silkscreen Film

Offset Printing

The services provided by offer you opportunities to meet your needs in timely way. We provide a high quality graphics printing products and services. Our extensive experience in writing for all print media can be a valuable asset in solving your next communication problem. We are producing high-quality, low-cost color printing as per your requirements. We will complete your project in accordance with your requirements. Our company has an experience in the graphics industry, and we produce very high quality work. Our high quality work and best service have earned us many customers.

We offers

Multicolor offset printing is printing in more than one color: two, three, four, etc. the addition of a second color provides a variety of design possibilities: not only can the two colors be used separately, but they can also be combined as solids and screened tints to produce a wide range of colors.

Foil Printing

Foils attract and create visual interest and appeal. They are a natural choice when considering adding value, decorating and/or enhancing products.

Foils can be used on a wide range of products including greeting cards, cosmetic, personal care, food, music and game packaging, social stationery, wine and liquor labels, promotional items, and paperback books to mention just a few.

Our shade palette was carefully chosen to include the industry’s most popular shades. You are sure to find the right choice for your application- whether it is metallic, pearl or holographic.

The art of applying metallic foils to a substrate while raising the image.


At, the application of foil embossing to a number of products, has been our business for many years, the experience & expertise we have acquired is respected throughout the industry.

Foil embossed products, gives them that little bit of extra appeal. Raising your company image, logo, making you stand out from the others.

An example of foiled embossed products is cosmetic cartons, as used in high street and department stores, which over the years has produced thousands of times.

A professional member of staff is on hand to give the best advice the industry has to offer. Samples available upon request.

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